Message from the President and CEO

Since establishment, we have conducted our business activities on the basis of our principle “We contribute to society by continuously offering products and services with customer satisfaction”.

Yamasei Technos originated from sales of screws and its customized products. In addition to those conventional products, we started to sell general steel and plastic products since 2004, when we established our joint factory in Zhejiang Province in China. Now we offer customer-satisfying products with reliable channels in both domestically and overseas.

Additionally, we started to sell wooden and paper products from 2003. We condust on-site QCD management as well as logistics and others.

As times goes by, demand is changed. We always have a broad view to figure out the true demand and contribute to our society through out business activities.

Our actions will prove our commitment.
the President and CEO

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Yamasei Technos Co.,Ltd.
Establishment Date
July 10, 1997
Paid-in Capital
0million yen
Hiroshi Yamamoto
Head office
4-43, habikigaoka Nishi 1-chome, Habikino-city, Osaka 583-0865 Japan

Overseas Office

Company Name
Yamasei Technos Co.,Ltd.
China office
181-#1702, Fengqi Rd., Xiacheng, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Provice
Joint factory
Shaoxing Xingkuan Hardware Plastics Co., Ltd.
Huashe Industrial Zone, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province

Corporate History

August, 1984
Hiroshi Yamamoto established Yamamoto Seiko and started steel product sales.
May, 1993
Opened a office in Tokushima prefecture. (Closed in 1996)
July, 1997
Changed the company name to Yamasei Technos Co.,Ltd.
December, 1999
Started importing steel products from China.
April, 2003
Started importing wooden and paper products from China.
March, 2004
Established joint factory in Zhejiang Province in China.